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Insurance Services of Augusta is located in Augusta, GA, (also with offices in Myrtle Beach) and offers all types of insurance. Since 1917 Insurance Services has provided superior service and the ability to find the right coverage for the specific need.

Advancements in technology have enhanced our service ability and increased efficiencies. This gives us more time to give professional, friendly service. We have chosen to represent companies that are “A” rated and prepared to do business now and in the changing times ahead.

We still believe that a customer buys insurance from someone that they trust. We try to make that an easy task by explaining our policies and the service that goes with them. We do not believe in overselling or pressuring a customer to buy insurance.

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The Type Of Insurance

Another detail to take into account depends in part on the type of insurance we need to hire. For example, in health insurance, there are very important factors to take[…]

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Recommendations To Avoid Over Costs

The experts recommend that you try your entire insurance are in the same company. Nowadays, loyalty is paid, and it is something that you can take advantage of. If you[…]

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